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genus notropis


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  • genus notoryctus
  • genus notornis
  • genus notophthalmus
  • genus notonecta
  • genus notomys
  • genus nothosaurus
  • genus nothofagus
  • genus notemigonus
  • genus notechis
  • genus nostoc
  • genus nucifraga
  • genus numenius
  • genus numida
  • genus nuphar
  • genus nuytsia
  • genus nyctaginia
  • genus nyctanassa
  • genus nyctereutes
  • genus nycticebus
  • genus nycticorax
  • exist
  • family dipterocarpaceae
  • aculeus
  • schlock
  • lipotyphla
  • blacktip shark
  • spiritedness
  • foam
  • carbon paper
  • flood plain

  • Idiom of the Day

    of benefit to (someone)
    to be good for someone, to be a benefit to someone
    Another meeting to solve the problem is of no benefit to myself so I will not attend.


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    Come clean

    If you are the one who betrayed someone else, you need to come clean. In interpersonal relationships, it s especially important to tell the truth when you would benefit from a lie.If you have betrayed someone, coming clean at your own expense tells the other person that their well being is more important than your own.Denial will only make the other party's distrust run deeper, especially if the truth is already clear.Admit all of your mistakes. Even if there are parts that you can keep hidden without getting caught, you should still reveal them to the other person. Only in admitting all your mistakes can you be forgiven for all of them.

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