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  • genus notoryctus
  • genus notornis
  • genus notophthalmus
  • genus notonecta
  • genus notomys
  • genus nothosaurus
  • genus nothofagus
  • genus notemigonus
  • genus notechis
  • genus nostoc
  • genus nucifraga
  • genus numenius
  • genus numida
  • genus nuphar
  • genus nuytsia
  • genus nyctaginia
  • genus nyctanassa
  • genus nyctereutes
  • genus nycticebus
  • genus nycticorax
  • cape hunting dog
  • topic sentence
  • stolidness
  • acroclinium
  • commissar
  • centerpiece
  • tropidoclonion
  • extempore
  • todidae
  • periplaneta australasiae

  • Idiom of the Day

    drive at (something)
    to intend or mean to say something
    I do not know what the man was driving at in his speech.

    Student: I think the past simple is for a ________ time in the past and the present perfect is when you don't know when it was.

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  • Creepy and Funny Looking Birds

    Inca Tern

    The Inca Tern possesses moustache which makes these birds distinctively unique and funny looking. Their habitat is forests of South Africa, America and parts of Europe. These birds enjoy sexual activities every day, as a result give birth to various children monthly. The Inca Terns have different colors but their long beak and sharp teeth make them funny looking.

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