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genus parkia

1.genus of tropical Old World trees: nitta trees

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  • genus parietaria
  • genus parathelypteris
  • genus parasitaxus
  • genus parascalops
  • genus paranthropus
  • genus paranthias
  • genus paramecium
  • genus paralithodes
  • genus paralichthys
  • genus parkinsonia
  • genus parmelia
  • genus parnassia
  • genus parochetus
  • genus paronychia
  • genus parophrys
  • genus parrotia
  • genus parrotiopsis
  • genus parthenium
  • genus parthenocissus
  • montez
  • sarcodes
  • entering
  • vendee
  • crotalaria spectabilis
  • tree cricket
  • human-centred
  • japanese clover
  • bank building
  • calamitous

  • Idiom of the Day

    in proportion
    having the right or wrong proportion in relation to something else
    We tried to make sure that the bookshelves were both in proportion when we rebuilt the house.

    I'll do it ________ agreed.

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