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genus parkia

1.genus of tropical Old World trees: nitta trees

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    give (someone) the creeps
    to make someone feel uncomfortable
    The girl next door is very strange. She gives me the creeps.

    Mary: The one that sounds very grand because it in a way ________ the fact that it means money and that's the wherewithal.

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  • Homeopathy


    Lac vaccinum defloratum
    Skimmed cow’s milk.

    Key Uses:
  • Anemia and weakness following chronic disease
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Headaches, especially those associated with menstruation
  • Water retention related to heart disease

    Origin : Skimmed cow’s milk.

    Background : Milk has had a checkered history of favor. It has been lauded as being full of healthy vitamins and minerals, yet is also linked to catarrhal conditions, tuberculosis, and Crohn’s disease.

    Preparation : The milk is dissolved in purified water, diluted, and succussed.

    Remedy Profile : Lac defl. is most effective for people who are claustrophobic, chilly, listless, and forgetful. They often have either an aversion to milk, or a tendency to drink large amounts, but show signs of lactose intolerance, which affects their nutrition and tends to make them thin or obese.
    Key symptoms associated with Lac defl. are weakness and anemia after chronic disease. Diabetes, water retention related to heart disease, and chronic liver disease may respond to the remedy, and it may also help headaches, particularly those associated with menstruation.

    Symptoms Better : For rest; for profuse urine flow.

    Symptoms Worse : For cold; for the slightest draft; during menstruation and pregnancy; for milk.

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