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genus parkia

1.genus of tropical Old World trees: nitta trees

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  • genus parasitaxus
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  • genus paranthropus
  • genus paranthias
  • genus paramecium
  • genus paralithodes
  • genus paralichthys
  • genus parkinsonia
  • genus parmelia
  • genus parnassia
  • genus parochetus
  • genus paronychia
  • genus parophrys
  • genus parrotia
  • genus parrotiopsis
  • genus parthenium
  • genus parthenocissus
  • pass out
  • blue stem
  • nubby
  • hook line and sinker
  • scented fern
  • hopelessness
  • personnel casualty
  • good-natured
  • new year's day
  • aclant

  • Idiom of the Day

    out of favor (with someone)
    to not have a person`s goodwill
    I have been out of favor with my boss for a few months now.

    You can change your money ________ a bank

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  • Chhath Puja Celebration

    Chhath Puja SMS

    Chhath Puja is a Hindu festival celebrated in the northern parts of the country.Also known as Chhathi and Dala Chhath, the festival is dedicated to the Sun God.Chhathi falls on the sixth day of the Kartik month in the Hindu Calendar.Chhath Puja marks a four day long festival including rituals of bathing, fasting and offerings to the Sun.It is believed that rituals of Chhath Puja came from the ancient Vedic texts such as Rigveda, which contains hymns related to the worshipping of sun.Some people also believe that the Chhath Puja was initiated by Draupadi from Mahabharata.Devotees follow this ritual with abstinence and ritual segregation.Prayers are offered to the setting sun and rising sun displaying the glory of sun and the cycle of birth after death.During this occasion, people prepare several delicacies and distribute Prasad among relatives and friends.Folk songs are played in houses, celebrating the glory of Chhath Puja.

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