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genus scolytus

1.type genus of the Scolytidae comprising numerous small bark beetles

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  • genus scolopendrium
  • genus scolopax
  • genus sclerotium
  • genus sclerotinia
  • genus scleroderma
  • genus scleranthus
  • genus sciurus
  • genus scirpus
  • genus scindapsus
  • genus scomber
  • genus scomberesox
  • genus scomberomorus
  • genus scombresox
  • genus scophthalmus
  • genus scopolia
  • genus scorpaena
  • genus scorzonera
  • genus scrophularia
  • genus scutellaria
  • prepose
  • temporizer
  • kitty-cornered
  • genus thylogale
  • genus raphicerus
  • conservativism
  • bushman
  • ornamental
  • postponed
  • box turtle

  • Idiom of the Day

    an end in itself
    something that one wants specifically for itself and not as a way to do or get something else
    For many people travelling is an end in itself and the destination is not important.

    No, I have ________ idea.

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    Literally, burnt. Vegetables are wrapped in leaves and roasted over a wood or charcoal fire. Some, like aubergine, are put directly over the flames. Before eating the roasted vegetable is mixed with oil and spices.

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