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genus tolypeutes

1.a genus of Dasypodidae

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  • genus tofieldia
  • genus todus
  • genus todea
  • genus tithonia
  • genus titanosaurus
  • genus tipuana
  • genus tineola
  • genus tinea
  • genus tinca
  • genus tomistoma
  • genus toona
  • genus torreya
  • genus tortrix
  • genus townsendia
  • genus toxicodendron
  • genus toxostoma
  • genus toxotes
  • genus trachelospermum
  • genus trachinotus
  • paratyphoid fever
  • dictation
  • untenable
  • mcgraw
  • impressionist
  • unpredictably
  • unearned income
  • swaggerer
  • thoracic duct
  • bottom fermenting yeast

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep one's distance from (someone or something)
    to maintain a certain distance from someone or something
    The girl always keeps her distance from the other students in the class.

    Unfortunately he had ________ the wrong part with him

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  • Benefits of Green chillis


    Green chili is also a rich source of vitamin C and it contains excellent percentage of the vitamin C. Thus, eating green chili helps in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. But They may cause an increase in pepsin and parietal secretion and loss in potassium. 2.Excessive eating of green chilies may cause gastric bleeding and mucosal micro bleeding.

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