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germanic language

1.a branch of the Indo-European family of languages

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  • germanic
  • germaneness
  • germane
  • germander speedwell
  • germander
  • german-speaking
  • german-american
  • german tamarisk
  • german silver
  • german short-haired pointer
  • germanism
  • germanite
  • germanium
  • germany
  • germfree
  • germicidal
  • germicide
  • germinal
  • germinal area
  • germinal disc
  • outermost
  • neoclassic
  • antebellum
  • gila monster
  • hadrosaurus
  • pitchy
  • pelt
  • shutting
  • architectural style
  • snow mushroom

  • Idiom of the Day

    ruffle (someone's) feathers
    to upset or annoy someone
    I do not want to ruffle my friend's feathers as he is in a bad mood today.


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  • Guru Nanak Dev


    His father was Kalayan Das Mehta, also known as Mehta Kalu, and his mother was Mata Tripta ji. They belonged to the Vedic Kshatri (Khatri) caste. Guru ji had an older sister called Bebey Nanki, who was the first to recognise Nanak as an enlightened Soul. Guru Nanak from an early age evidenced a questioning and enquiring mind. He soon mastered the Vedas and Sanskrit and was enrolled into a madrassa to study Persian and Arabic. Picking up both languages quickly, he surprised his teacher by composing an acrostic on the Persian language. When it was time for Nanak to be invested with the twice born thread the sacred thread, called the Janeu, he refused to take part in the ritual. When the priest continued to insist that the young Nanak done the string he went into a trance and sang.

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