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glide by

1.pass by

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  • glide
  • glibness
  • glibly
  • glib-tongued
  • glib
  • glial cell
  • glial
  • glia
  • glenoid fossa
  • glenoid cavity
  • glide path
  • glide slope
  • glide-bomb
  • glider
  • gliding
  • gliding bacteria
  • gliding joint
  • glimmer
  • glimmering
  • glimmery
  • lexical meaning
  • fidgety
  • falloff
  • william the conqueror
  • paraphrenia
  • chronic pyelonephritis
  • white
  • almond
  • jet black
  • african green monkey

  • Idiom of the Day

    rat on (someone)
    to betray someone by telling someone else about illegal or wrong activities
    The boy ratted on his friend who broke the store window.

    One of us ________ to decide.

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  • Guru Nanak Dev

    Ceremony of sacred thread

    Guru Nanak was nine years old and according to the custom among the higher castes of Hindus, he was required to invest himself with the sacred thread called Janaeu. Great preparations were made by his father for this ceremony. The family priest named Hardyal, started chanting Mantras (Hindu hymns) and was ready to put the thread around Gurus neck when he refused to wear it. The whole assembly was astonished. They tried to persuade him every way to wear the Janaeu but in vain. Then the Guru uttered the following Sabad.

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