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1.pass by

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  • glide
  • glibness
  • glibly
  • glib-tongued
  • glib
  • glial cell
  • glial
  • glia
  • glenoid fossa
  • glenoid cavity
  • glide path
  • glide slope
  • glide-bomb
  • glider
  • gliding
  • gliding bacteria
  • gliding joint
  • glimmer
  • glimmering
  • glimmery
  • babar
  • element of a cone
  • breathing
  • thyrotoxicosis
  • motor torpedo boat
  • snuggle
  • toccata
  • dismal
  • question of law
  • bless

  • Idiom of the Day

    put (someone) on hold
    to leave someone waiting during a telephone call
    I phoned the bank and the receptionist put me on hold.


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  • Valentines Day Dessert Recipes

    Chocolate truffle bites

    People seem to love quick recipes. So stupendous was the response to my molten caramel mug cake yesterday, that I decided to follow it up with another super quick treat. These Chocolate Truffle Bites take barely 10 minutes of your time, unless you wanna make about a 100 of them. and another few hours in the freezer. I truly adore this recipe. Not a surprise, considering the number of quick recipes I share frequently. These are nothing but cookies And nutella in a different form, but because you take the trouble of making them differently, people love it even more.

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