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gnaw at

1.become ground down or deteriorate

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  • gnaw
  • gnathostome
  • gnathostomata
  • gnathion
  • gnatcatcher
  • gnat
  • gnash
  • gnarly
  • gnarled
  • gnarl
  • gnawer
  • gnawing animal
  • gnawing mammal
  • gneiss
  • gnetales
  • gnetophyta
  • gnetophytina
  • gnetopsida
  • gnetum
  • gnetum gnemon
  • plate rack
  • pie plant
  • hired man
  • serenoa repens
  • whimsy
  • anabiosis
  • canid
  • machinator
  • moraine
  • gravitation

  • Idiom of the Day

    up and around
    out of bed and moving around, moving from one place to another
    I was up and around before 6:00 AM this morning.

    Marriage completely ________ his character.

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  • Myth about Allergies

    Consuming local honey helps relieve seasonal allergy symptoms

    Many people think savoring local honey will inoculate them against the allergens in their area (or at least boost tolerance). It seems logical, but its actually airborne pollen from trees, grass and weeds that spurs spring sniffles, not large, sticky flower pollen that is carried by bees to make honey.It s true that bees collect pollen from plants and honey has pollens in it from the local area. The wind carried pollens from trees, grasses and weeds that cause seasonal allergies are very light and stay airborne for a long time. The pollen in bee honey comes from flowers, and is very heavy and falls to the ground.

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