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goofing off

1.the evasion of work or duty

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  • goofball
  • goof-proof
  • goof-off
  • goof
  • gooey
  • goodyera
  • goodyear
  • goody-goody
  • goody
  • goodwill
  • goofproof
  • goofy
  • googly
  • googol
  • googolplex
  • gook
  • goon
  • gooney
  • gooney bird
  • goonie
  • gentianopsis crinita
  • sketch pad
  • phoxinus
  • schmoose
  • take stock
  • propertyless
  • bewray
  • capital of botswana
  • manipur
  • zephaniah

  • Idiom of the Day

    make a point
    to state something important
    The speaker used some examples to make a point during his speech.

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