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1.in a gradual manner

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  • graduality
  • gradual
  • grading
  • gradient
  • grader
  • graded
  • grade-constructed
  • grade separation
  • grade school
  • grade point average
  • gradualness
  • graduate
  • graduate nurse
  • graduate school
  • graduate student
  • graduated
  • graduated cylinder
  • graduated table
  • graduating class
  • graduation
  • water under the bridge
  • airlift
  • apennines
  • prettily
  • hostess
  • undo
  • duty period
  • cryptorchism
  • reference frame
  • unbutton

  • Idiom of the Day

    take five
    to take a five-minute rest period
    We decided to take five before continuing with our work.

    It's ________ than mine.

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  • Benefits of Black berries

    Heart Function

    Blackberry juice may be good for your heart, according to a group of researchers from Policlinico Universitario in Messina, Italy, who published a 2003 study in Life Sciences, a scientific journal distributed by Science Direct. They observed the antioxidant activity of blackberry juice on vascular tissue damaged by free radicals induced by peroxynitrite, an oxidant that can damage or destroy DNA and cells. Compounds called anthocyanins, they concluded, may increase the juices antioxidant activity and protect your cardiovascular system from disease.

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