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gravitational field

1.a field of force surrounding a body of finite mass

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  • gravitational constant
  • gravitational collapse
  • gravitational attraction
  • gravitational
  • gravitation wave
  • gravitation
  • gravitate
  • gravitas
  • graving tool
  • graving dock
  • gravitational force
  • gravitational interaction
  • gravitational mass
  • gravitational theory
  • gravitationally
  • gravitative
  • gravitons
  • gravity
  • gravity bomb
  • gravity fault
  • security director
  • emollient
  • bean plant
  • mountain pine
  • trade book
  • plunderage
  • herculean
  • trombidiidae
  • cryptotis parva
  • non-involvement

  • Idiom of the Day

    bail out (someone)or bail (someone) out
    to pay a sum of money that allows someone to leave jail while waiting for a trial
    The singer had to pay much money to bail himself out of prison.


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