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gravitational interaction

1.a weak interaction between particles that results from their mass

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  • gravitational force
  • gravitational field
  • gravitational constant
  • gravitational collapse
  • gravitational attraction
  • gravitational
  • gravitation wave
  • gravitation
  • gravitate
  • gravitas
  • gravitational mass
  • gravitational theory
  • gravitationally
  • gravitative
  • gravitons
  • gravity
  • gravity bomb
  • gravity fault
  • gravity gradient
  • gravity meter
  • adeptness
  • lacuna
  • junior school
  • gritrock
  • isi
  • hurriedly
  • bagatelle
  • electronic communication
  • sewage disposal plant
  • rectum

  • Idiom of the Day

    sit up and take notice
    to become alert and pay attention
    The loud bang made everybody sit up and take notice.

    My friend Anna lives ________ England.

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