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1.someone who is a detective

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  • hawksbill turtle
  • hawksbill
  • hawkmoth
  • hawklike
  • hawkishness
  • hawkins
  • hawking
  • hawkeye state
  • hawker
  • hawkbit
  • hawkweed
  • hawky
  • hawkyns
  • haworth
  • hawse
  • hawsehole
  • hawsepipe
  • hawser
  • hawser bend
  • hawthorn
  • epizootic
  • bell the cat
  • flathead
  • crossopterygii
  • heuristic
  • mud hen
  • press clipping
  • long-handled
  • see to it
  • blue moon

  • Idiom of the Day

    on the fence (about something)
    undecided (about something)
    The politician is on the fence about the tax issue.

    It is ________ book that I have ever read.

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  • Small Things That Can Bring You Joy

    Earn Your Indulgences

    We appreciate rewards more when we ve earned them. So next time you treat yourself to an ice cream cone, make yourself work for it. For example, tell yourself you can indulge in the ice cream only if you ve first eaten three balanced, healthy meals and hold yourself to it.

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