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1.of or relating to or supporting Hinduism hindi n.
1.the most widely spoken of modern Indic vernaculars

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  • hindgut
  • hindfoot
  • hindermost
  • hinderingly
  • hindering
  • hinder
  • hindenburg
  • hindemith
  • hindbrain
  • hind limb
  • hindmost
  • hindoo
  • hindooism
  • hindoostani
  • hindostani
  • hindquarter
  • hindquarters
  • hindrance
  • hindshank
  • hindsight
  • subduer
  • family business
  • ague root
  • etude
  • mottled
  • merino
  • felon
  • folk poet
  • renouncement
  • silybum

  • Idiom of the Day

    in one's opinion
    according to one's belief or judgement
    In my opinion, my aunt is the best cook in the world.

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