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1.in a homeostatic manner

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  • homeostatic
  • homeostasis
  • homeopathy
  • homeopathic
  • homeopath
  • homeobox gene
  • homeobox
  • homemaking
  • homemaker
  • homemade
  • homeothermic
  • homeotic gene
  • homeowner
  • homer
  • homer a. thompson
  • homer armstrong thompson
  • homer thompson
  • homeric
  • homesick
  • homesickness
  • genus encyclia
  • matthew flinders
  • genus trachipterus
  • oleander
  • samuel pierpoint langley
  • uncle tom
  • dislodgement
  • glottis vera
  • suffix
  • manufactured

  • Idiom of the Day

    in trouble
    in danger, in difficulty
    The boy in in trouble with the school this term.

    It was ________ fear that kept us going.

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  • Benefits of Black raisins

    Blood Pressure

    Raisins not only help purify blood and eliminate toxins but they also help reduce high levels of blood pressure. There is a significant amount of Potassium, a potent mineral said to be able to help lower blood pressure, in raisins. Potassium also helps keep in check the sodium levels in our body. Too much sodium in the body is one of the root causes of high blood pressure.

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