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1.exalted to an ideal perfection or excellence

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  • idealise
  • idealisation
  • ideal solid
  • ideal gas
  • ideal
  • idea
  • iddm
  • idahoan
  • idaho falls
  • idaho
  • idealism
  • idealist
  • idealistic
  • ideality
  • idealization
  • idealize
  • idealized
  • ideally
  • ideate
  • ideation
  • afterglow
  • hindsight
  • curled
  • octogenarian
  • unimagined
  • overboil
  • vaduz
  • family liparidae
  • pine leaf aphid
  • fenestral

  • Idiom of the Day

    pride and joy
    someone or something that one is very proud of
    The little boy is the pride and joy of his parents.

    I've got ________ salad sandwiches for my lunch today.

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    Take shower

    You can wash your hair if you wish but be warned that your hair will become less manageable so if you're planning a complicated hairstyle it is wise to wash it the day before to ensure success. If this is the case, instead use a shower cap. Whenever you do wash your hair, also use a hair mask for that extra mile to help you looking glamorous! Also exfoliate to ensure your skin is shining and there are no dead skin cells. If you're a shaving girl you would obviously shave at this stage not forgetting underarms. However, others may prefer to wax and should have done so at least 2 days prior to the event to ensure redness and irritation has disappeared.

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