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in that respect

1.in that matter

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  • in that location
  • in that
  • in suspense
  • in style
  • in stride
  • in straitened circumstances
  • in store
  • in stock
  • in stages
  • in spite of appearance
  • in the adjacent apartment
  • in the adjacent house
  • in the air
  • in the altogether
  • in the bargain
  • in the beginning
  • in the buff
  • in the end
  • in the final analysis
  • in the first place
  • columbiform bird
  • fermentation alcohol
  • production cost
  • doctrine
  • goner
  • copybook
  • cling film
  • gushing
  • ungulate
  • evildoer

  • Idiom of the Day

    for fear of (something)
    because of the fear of something
    We stayed home all weekend for fear of getting hit by the big storm.

    My bicycle tire has a slow ________.

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  • The Most Powerful People In Enterprise Tech

    Marc Benioff

    Benioff is a big personality with a big vision for what the next generation of enterprise tech will be. He taught the world what software as a service cloud computing was all about. Now he s spending big bucks acquiring companies for his next big vision: the IT bought by chief marketing officers. He just orchestrated Salesforce s biggest acquisition ever:

    Chourishi Systems