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1.charging or suggestive of guilt or blame

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  • incrimination
  • incriminatingly
  • incriminating
  • incriminate
  • incremental cost
  • incremental
  • increment
  • incredulously
  • incredulous
  • incredulity
  • incrust
  • incrustation
  • incubate
  • incubation
  • incubation period
  • incubator
  • inculcate
  • inculcation
  • inculpability
  • inculpable
  • genus ajuga
  • exhaust fumes
  • french
  • cimarron river
  • garden party
  • political boss
  • honduran monetary unit
  • caranda
  • rugged individualism
  • osiris

  • Idiom of the Day

    take exception to (something)
    to speak against something, to find fault with something, to be angered by something
    The man took exception to the fact that everyone was able to play golf well except him.

    My clients contact our office via email or phone and then we ________ an appointment.

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