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interior design

1.the trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior
2.the branch of architecture dealing with the selection and organization of furnishings for an architectural interior

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  • interiorize
  • interject
  • interjection
  • interlace
  • necessitate
  • frizzle
  • blank out
  • articulated
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  • family orobanchaceae
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  • amusement park
  • flare

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    in the saddle
    in command, in control
    The president is back in the saddle after being ill for several months.

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    Farokh Engineer

    Farokh Engineer was probably the best Indian wicketkeeper. He played over 40 Tests for India and was also considered to be a very stylish batsman. After retiring from cricket, he took up commentary and was often seen along side the other experts in the commentary box. His thoughtful insights and analytical comments made him popular as a commentator, and though his career as a commentator was short lived, it was famous nevertheless.

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