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john barrymore

1.United States actor

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  • Idiom of the Day

    brush up on (something)
    to review something that one has already learned
    I am going to brush up on my English before my trip to New York.

    She is trying to get some form of ________ to make up for the poor working conditions she had to put up with for all those years.

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  • Fashion Trends That Didnt Survive the 90s

    Eight Ball Jacket

    You got a question? You ask the eight ball. So said Puddy on Seinfeld and so I ask here: Why do some toy inspired clothing like a Magic 8 Ball jacket hit it big while no one will buy my Rubik s Cube pants in which you have to solve them before you can wear them because people say it will result in a generation of half naked, frustrated shut ins? Sometimes I just don t understand fashion.

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