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john dory

1.European dory

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  • john dewey
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  • john d. rockefeller
  • john dos passos
  • john dowland
  • john drew
  • john dryden
  • john duns scotus
  • john eccles
  • john edgar hoover
  • john edward masefield
  • john endecott
  • john endicott
  • genus schizophragma
  • pudendal slit
  • skilful
  • wheeler dealer
  • medially
  • tubed
  • buy in
  • genus satureja
  • golden eagle
  • gri-gri

  • Idiom of the Day

    slated for (something)
    to be scheduled for something
    The building is slated for demolition at the end of the year.

    ________ tired, he managed to finish it on time.

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  • Benefits of Cumin

    Cumin Tea

    A warming and soothing cumin tea can be prepared by boiling cumin seeds in water and allowing it to steep for 8 to 10 minutes. cumin with ghee is smoked to relieve hiccups. According to the Bible, cumin was so valuable that it could be used in the place of money when it came time to tithe in church.

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