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1.small genus of South African shrubs or small trees

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  • kigali
  • kiev
  • kieslowski
  • kieserite
  • kieselguhr
  • kierkegaard
  • kidskin
  • kidney-shaped
  • kidney wort
  • kidney vetch
  • kiggelaria africana
  • kike
  • kikladhes
  • kildeer
  • kilderkin
  • kiley
  • kilimanjaro
  • kiliwa
  • kiliwi
  • kill
  • occurrence
  • suspense account
  • onomatopoeic
  • gonif
  • atomic number 104
  • mithras
  • potato mosaic
  • characinidae
  • reappraise
  • meed

  • Idiom of the Day

    caught short
    to not have enough of something (usually money) when you need it
    I was caught short last month and could not pay my credit card bill.

    The contract stated that he would never eat any meat ________ .

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  • Kriya Yoga

    How To Get Started

    At Kriya Yoga ashrams and centers throughout the world, guided meditations are open to those initiated by authorized teachers. Introductory programs and initiations are offered regularly.We are happy for the opportunity to help you in any way we can with your Kriya practice. To learn more about Kriya Yoga, please see the listing of the ashram or center nearest you and call the contact person directly.

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