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1.a circular rounded projection or protuberance
2.a round handle
3.any thickened enlargement
4.an ornament in the shape of a ball on the hilt of a sword or dagger

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  • knitwork
  • knitwear
  • knitting stitch
  • knitting needle
  • knitting machine
  • knitting
  • knitter
  • knitted fabric
  • knitted
  • knit stitch
  • knob celery
  • knobbed
  • knobble
  • knobbly
  • knobby
  • knobcone pine
  • knobkerrie
  • knobkerry
  • knock
  • knock about
  • colloid
  • phrontistery
  • sea dahlia
  • lactogenic hormone
  • egg-and-dart
  • amor
  • genre painting
  • berkeley
  • aneurismatic
  • ginglymostoma

  • Idiom of the Day

    nothing doing
    I will not do it, certainly not
    "Nothing doing. I am not going to stay and work late again this evening."

    A lot of American Indians were ________ after white men settled in the New World.

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  • Rules to play Foosball

    The serve

    A serve through the serving hole is used to put the ball into play at the start of the match, after a point is scored, or after a ball leaves the table. The server may attempt to influence the roll of the ball, but may not allow any part of either hand to be in the play area once the ball hits the playfield. The play area shall be defined as the area above the playing surface to the height of the side boards of the cabinet. Prior to serving the ball, the server may place either hand in the play area in order to position the ball. However, no part of either hand may be in the play area at the moment the ball is released into play. If the ball hits the playfield while any part of the servers hand is in the playing area, the serve shall be considered illegal. This includes any finger used to push the ball through the serving hole. The ball may not be struck by either team following a serve until it has touched the playfield, at which time the ball is considered to be in play and the time limits start. Spinning the ball shall be allowed in order to influence the serve, however, no point shall be scored by the serving team unless the ball is struck by one of the serving teams figures. The server must not serve the ball until he has the assurance that the opposing team is ready for play to begin. The server can signify that play is about to begin by tapping the ball on the side of the table. If the server has tapped the ball, and the opposing team is holding their handles, the opposing team shall be deemed to be ready for play (unless they have specially stated before the ball hits the playing surface that they are not ready yet). On the first violation of any part of this rule, the ball shall be re served by the original server. Subsequent violations, however, shall result in the ball being put into play by a server of the opposing team. If the ball is incorrectly served, but the server has not violated any part of these rules, the ball is considered in play. In particular, the player may not reach into the play area to re serve the ball.

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