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1.without good reason
2.with few burdens
3.with little weight or force
4.indulging with temperance
5.with indifference or without dejection
6.in a small quantity or extent
7.to a slight degree

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  • lightlessness
  • lightless
  • lighting-up
  • lighting industry
  • lighting fixture
  • lighting circuit
  • lighting
  • lighthouse keeper
  • lighthouse
  • lighthorse harry lee
  • lightly armored
  • lightly armoured
  • lightly-armed
  • lightness
  • lightning
  • lightning arrester
  • lightning bug
  • lightning conductor
  • lightning hurler
  • lightning rod
  • oblong woodsia
  • unpillared
  • arteriosclerosis obliterans
  • seepage
  • throng
  • semi-detached house
  • gun deck
  • fluky
  • monoplane flying fish
  • three-wheel

  • Idiom of the Day

    point out (someone or something) to (someone)
    to explain or call attention to someone or something
    My teacher was very kind when she pointed out my mistakes to me.


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  • Crazy Facts

    Ambulance Taxis

    Strange Places and Customs
    The super-rich in Russia feel that they should be afforded the same driving privileges as emergency workers driving people who were just in catastrophic accidents. Thus ?ambulance taxis? cropped up in Moscow. Comparable to five-star limos, Moscow residents pay up to $200 an hour to ride in the deluxe ambulances and blow through traffic lights.

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