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1.without good reason
2.with few burdens
3.with little weight or force
4.indulging with temperance
5.with indifference or without dejection
6.in a small quantity or extent
7.to a slight degree

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  • lightlessness
  • lightless
  • lighting-up
  • lighting industry
  • lighting fixture
  • lighting circuit
  • lighting
  • lighthouse keeper
  • lighthouse
  • lighthorse harry lee
  • lightly armored
  • lightly armoured
  • lightly-armed
  • lightness
  • lightning
  • lightning arrester
  • lightning bug
  • lightning conductor
  • lightning hurler
  • lightning rod
  • tantrik
  • danzig
  • hurdle
  • believe in
  • unexpressive
  • in agreement
  • genus aplysia
  • dishevel
  • catatonic type schizophrenia
  • totalitarian

  • Idiom of the Day

    go without (something)
    to manage to survive or do well without something
    We had to go without water for two days in our apartment.

    querulous is most similar to

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