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liliopsid genus

1.genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed

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  • liliopsid family
  • liliopsid
  • liliidae
  • liliid monocot genus
  • liliid monocot family
  • lilies of the valley
  • lilian alicia marks
  • liliales
  • liliaceous plant
  • liliaceous
  • liliopsida
  • lilith
  • lilium
  • lilium auratum
  • lilium canadense
  • lilium candidum
  • lilium catesbaei
  • lilium columbianum
  • lilium lancifolium
  • lilium longiflorum
  • saroyan
  • false lupine
  • genus atticus
  • curlew
  • eurasian green toad
  • clumber
  • unilateral contract
  • taper off
  • cytokinetic
  • beading

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    train one's sights on (something)
    to have something as a goal, to direct something or oneself toward a goal
    The young man is training his sights on joining the top team in the city.

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