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limenitis camilla

1.Eurasian butterfly with brown wings and white markings

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  • limenitis
  • limen
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  • limeade
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  • limestone
  • limestone fern
  • limestone salamander
  • limewater
  • limey
  • limicolae
  • limicoline bird
  • limit
  • limit point
  • radiogram
  • florida pompano
  • embitter
  • meek
  • snobbish
  • parenthetical expression
  • council table
  • callitris endlicheri
  • promethazine
  • greater spearwort

  • Idiom of the Day

    lovely weather for ducks
    rainy weather
    "Lovely weather for ducks," I said when I met my neighbor walking in the rain.


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  • Selfie Ideas

    Snap a photo of your shoes

    If you decide to take a selfie of your feet after you slip on a great new pair of shoes, angle the camera so that your leg appears slender as it leads up to your foot.Aim the camera straight down. The edge of the frame should land somewhere on your thighs, fairly close to your hips. This angle makes your legs look as long as possible.

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