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1.duration of service
2.the property of being long-lived

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  • longest
  • longer
  • longed-for
  • longcase clock
  • longbowman
  • longbow
  • longboat
  • longbeard
  • longar palm
  • longanimous
  • longfellow
  • longfin mako
  • longhand
  • longheaded thimbleweed
  • longhorn
  • longicorn
  • longicorn beetle
  • longing
  • longingly
  • longish
  • bituminous
  • ape
  • systems software
  • prochlorperazine
  • identical
  • genus anthus
  • enzootic
  • admission day
  • rhomboid
  • bellflower

  • Idiom of the Day

    play along with (someone or something)
    to agree to cooperate with someone's plan
    I decided to play along with my friend and his plan to buy a horse.

    Give that to ________

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  • Famous Hill Station of India


    Coonoor is a most charming hill station of the Nilgiri Mountain Range in Tamil Nadu. It has got its the name from the Kurinji Flowers that are found on the mountain slopes. The hill station is also renowned for its aromatic teas. Trekking and hiking are the two popular adventure activities that the visitors can indulge in apart from bird watching.

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