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1.a drink credited with magical power

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  • love-lies-bleeding
  • love-in-winter
  • love-in-idleness
  • love-in-a-mist
  • love vine
  • love tree
  • love story
  • love song
  • love seat
  • love match
  • love-philtre
  • love-potion
  • love-song
  • love-token
  • loveable
  • lovebird
  • loved
  • loved one
  • lovelace
  • loveless
  • word of honor
  • sweet clover
  • sir henry maxmilian beerbohm
  • long dozen
  • ruining
  • gate-crash
  • acorn cup
  • gemsbok
  • run-through
  • white oak

  • Idiom of the Day

    look (someone) in the eye/face
    to face someone directly
    I looked the man in the eye when I asked him to move his car out of my way.

    You are always leaving the milk out of the fridge. I wish you ________!

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  • The Most Reliable cars in the world

    Toyota Prius hybrid hatchback

    The Toyota Prius is arguably the most famous hybrid model on the market, largely thanks to the fact that it was one of the very first cars to mix electric and petrol power. That might make the technology sound old but in reality it s been tried and tested to the extent that the car now sits in second place overall for reliability. The car benefits from Toyota s five year/100,000 mile warranty, so you re covered in the unlikely event of your Prius developing a problem.

    Price 21,995 - 33,395


  • Low running costs

  • Very practical interior

  • Reliable hybrid engine

  • Cons

  • High price

  • Ride is quite firm

  • Noisy when accelerating hard

  • Chourishi Systems