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ludwig boltzmann

1.Austrian physicist who contributed to the kinetic theory of gases (1844-1906)

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  • ludicrous
  • ludian
  • ludi saeculares
  • luddite
  • luda
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  • lucy maud montgomery
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  • ludwig josef johan wittgenstein
  • ludwig mies van der rohe
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  • ludwig wittgenstein
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  • luff
  • luffa
  • luffa acutangula
  • luffa cylindrica
  • lufkin
  • seaside alder
  • zu
  • postoperatively
  • epidemiology
  • cervid
  • chittem bark
  • finest
  • auditory area
  • near east
  • sense of responsibility

  • Idiom of the Day

    nuzzle up to (someone or something)
    to nestle or cuddle against someone or something (especially with your nose or face)
    The puppy nuzzled up to his owner.

    Randy ________ his girlfriend flowers on her birthday.

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