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1.the magnetic field of a planet

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  • magneton
  • magnetomotive force unit
  • magnetomotive force
  • magnetometer
  • magnetohydrodynamics
  • magnetoelectric machine
  • magneto
  • magnetized
  • magnetize
  • magnetization
  • magnetron
  • magnificat
  • magnification
  • magnificence
  • magnificent
  • magnificently
  • magnificio
  • magnified
  • magnifier
  • magnify
  • future day
  • manner
  • weather
  • ceterach officinarum
  • guy rope
  • euphorbia amygdaloides
  • interpretation
  • probation officer
  • isocrates
  • genus pavo

  • Idiom of the Day

    hang out with (someone)
    to spend time with someone with no great purpose, to spend leisure time with friends
    Recently, my friend has been hanging out with a group of people who are a bad influence on him.

    How much did you ___ in the shop?

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  • Greatest Technological Inventions of the Past 25 Years

    MP3 Player

    Now that they re available at every available price point, MP3 players have replaced CD players as the default portable music player. And it only took 14 years. Yeah, there were other MP3 players before the iPod. Nathan Schulof and his Audio Highway company dropped the first MP3 player in 1996. And there were plenty of other dope ones that came after. Remember the Rio? Or the Creative Nomad? They all set the way for Apple s grand entrance into the market.

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