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1.one million periods per second

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  • Idiom of the Day

    go off half-cocked
    to act or speak without thinking
    Our boss often goes off half-cocked when he is at a meeting.

    It's always a good idea to get an ________ of what the cost of the work will be before the invoice lands on your doormat.

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  • Tips to Protect Your Heart

    Check your stress at the door

    A growing body of evidence suggests that psychological factors are literally heartfelt, and can contribute to cardiac risk. Stress from all sorts of challenging situations and events plays a significant role in cardiovascular symptoms and outcome, particularly heart attack risk. The same is true for depression, anxiety, anger, hostility, and social isolation. Acting alone, each of these factors heightens your chances of developing heart problems. But these issues often occur together, for example, psychological stress often leads to anxiety, depression can lead to social isolation, and so on.

    Does reducing stress, or changing how you respond to it, actually reduce your chances of developing heart disease or having a heart attack? The answer isnt entirely clear, but many studies suggest the answer is

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