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1.a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (trade name Meclomen) used to treat arthritis

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  • meclofenamate sodium
  • meclofenamate
  • meclizine hydrochloride
  • meclizine
  • meckel's diverticulum
  • mecholyl
  • mechanized cavalry
  • mechanized
  • mechanize
  • mechanization
  • meconium
  • meconopsis
  • meconopsis betonicifolia
  • meconopsis cambrica
  • mecoptera
  • mecopteran
  • mecopterous
  • med
  • medai guru
  • medaille militaire
  • populus heterophylla
  • set ablaze
  • agathis australis
  • prairie gentian
  • casement
  • sorb
  • xerostomia
  • cryptogam
  • damaraland mole rat
  • damon

  • Idiom of the Day

    a foregone conclusion
    a conclusion that is already decided
    It was a foregone conclusion that the opposition party would win the election.

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  • Benefits of Peaches

    Rich in antioxidants

    The bright red, yellowish skin of peaches is due to the presence of compounds called polyphenols that act as powerfulantioxidantshelping your body in several ways by protecting the cells against damage due to free oxygen radicals. So, keep in mind that you need to eat the fruit along with its skin because peeling it will actually take away all the extra benefits that the fruit offers. Here aretop health benefits of antioxidants.

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