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1.relating to or belonging to the Middle Ages
2.as if belonging to the Middle Ages

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  • mediacy
  • media consultant
  • medgar wiley evers
  • medgar evers
  • medford
  • medfly
  • medevac
  • medellin cartel
  • medellin
  • medea
  • medial
  • medial condyle
  • medial geniculate body
  • medial rectus
  • medial rectus muscle
  • medially
  • median
  • median value
  • mediant
  • mediastinum
  • sapremia
  • unornamented
  • flash
  • class gasteropoda
  • parnell
  • keep one's nose to the grindstone
  • genus philaenus
  • ticket window
  • alexander selcraig
  • songbook

  • Idiom of the Day

    incumbent upon (someone) to (do something)
    necessary for someone to do something
    It is incumbent upon the next mayor to try and do something about crime in the city.


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  • Coolest Hotels Ever

    Library Hotel

    In a way that only a true nerd could fully appreciate, this New York City hotel associates each floor with one of the major categories in the Dewey Decimal System. It doesn t stop there though, each room is devoted to its own subtopic. It s a geek s dream come true, no pun intended.

    Chourishi Systems