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1.an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar

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  • mixing faucet
  • mixing bowl
  • mixing
  • mixer
  • mixed-up
  • mixed-blood
  • mixed nuisance
  • mixed metaphor
  • mixed marriage
  • mixed farming
  • mixture
  • mizen
  • mizenmast
  • mizzen
  • mizzen course
  • mizzenmast
  • mizzle
  • mko
  • ml
  • mlitt
  • admiralty range
  • run afoul
  • basic principle
  • light bulb
  • family rhinotermitidae
  • diffuse
  • vanda
  • liable
  • dendroica
  • avowal

  • Idiom of the Day

    curl up and die
    to retreat and die
    I wanted to curl up and die when I saw my old boyfriend at the party.

    What ________ you like for breakfast?

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    For several hundred years, tales of the Snallygaster have terrified the people of Frederick County, Maryland. Described as being half-reptile and half-bird, this winged creature is said to live deep in the caves of South Mountain. Legend has it, this mysterious monster swoops down from the sky and steals children and chickens from unsuspecting farm folk.

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