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1.the Israeli foreign intelligence agency

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  • moss-trooper
  • moss-grown
  • moss pink
  • moss phlox
  • moss locust
  • moss hart
  • moss green
  • moss genus
  • moss family
  • moss campion
  • mossback
  • mossbauer
  • mosstone
  • mossy
  • mossy saxifrage
  • mossy-cup oak
  • mossycup oak
  • most
  • most especially
  • most evil
  • european field elm
  • blatta orientalis
  • craziness
  • dianthus latifolius
  • american white oak
  • ninety-fifth
  • to the full
  • issuing
  • come together
  • lie around

  • Idiom of the Day

    out and about
    to be able to go out and travel or move or walk around
    My aunt is out and about again after her knee operation.

    ___ hard was it, that no one managed to pass.

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  • Most Anticipated Movies

    The Good Dinosaur

    Obviously nothing can be taken to the bank at this early prenatal, in fact stage of the season, but it s hard to see what can wrest this year s Best Animated Feature Oscar from Pixar s greedy grasp. (And not just because they ve won seven times in the category s 14 year history.) Indeed, they look to be their own best competition. Inside Out s ecstatic reviews and robust box office make it a hard act to follow, but perhaps this lushly visualized tale from the land before time has the goods after all, auds seem pretty keen on dinosaurs this year.

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