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1.the Israeli foreign intelligence agency

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  • moss-trooper
  • moss-grown
  • moss pink
  • moss phlox
  • moss locust
  • moss hart
  • moss green
  • moss genus
  • moss family
  • moss campion
  • mossback
  • mossbauer
  • mosstone
  • mossy
  • mossy saxifrage
  • mossy-cup oak
  • mossycup oak
  • most
  • most especially
  • most evil
  • bavarian cream
  • steering gear
  • physical rehabilitation
  • logic gate
  • zero-sum game
  • immediacy
  • learnedness
  • egoistic
  • makaira marlina
  • coat of mail

  • Idiom of the Day

    have one's work cut out for one
    to have a large and difficult task to do
    We had our work cut out for us when we began to paint the house.

    ________ were you born?

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