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newspaper critic

1.a critic who writes a column for the newspapers

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  • newspaper columnist
  • newspaper column
  • newspaper clipping
  • newspaper article
  • newspaper advertisement
  • newspaper ad
  • newspaper
  • newsmonger
  • newsman
  • newsletter
  • newspaper editor
  • newspaper headline
  • newspaper publisher
  • newspapering
  • newspaperman
  • newspaperwoman
  • newspeak
  • newsperson
  • newsprint
  • newsreader
  • llm
  • bashful
  • love vine
  • destined
  • calcifugous
  • severality
  • anarchically
  • uncoiled
  • storm center
  • awe-inspiring

  • Idiom of the Day

    in tandem
    in single file
    The students walked in tandem as they went to the sports festival.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    (Including everyone) there were one hundred people at the meeting.

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    Bedroom colour scheme

    The master bedroom in this petite, 90sq metre family home in Londons Chelsea is the work of designer Eve Mercier. The two Rothko esque panels that flank the bed are not paint but vibrant silk, a good option if youre a renter who cant paint the walls, or for adding colour to a space enhancing white scheme. The Fifties style Danish bedside tables come from Chelsea Textiles ?498 each, a good source for chic and simple designs. On top of them are Forties Quindry lamps.

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