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newspaper critic

1.a critic who writes a column for the newspapers

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  • newspaper columnist
  • newspaper column
  • newspaper clipping
  • newspaper article
  • newspaper advertisement
  • newspaper ad
  • newspaper
  • newsmonger
  • newsman
  • newsletter
  • newspaper editor
  • newspaper headline
  • newspaper publisher
  • newspapering
  • newspaperman
  • newspaperwoman
  • newspeak
  • newsperson
  • newsprint
  • newsreader
  • hollandaise
  • butchering
  • sea lettuce
  • landscape gardening
  • oil of turpentine
  • send out
  • sulamyd
  • pilea
  • pluperfect
  • symphonic poem

  • Idiom of the Day

    be off to a bad start
    to start something under bad circumstances
    The production of the play was off to a bad start when the lights did not work.

    The temperature's just ________ freezing.

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