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1.terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil

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  • nightclub
  • nightclothes
  • nightcap
  • nightbird
  • night-stop
  • night-sight
  • night-robe
  • night-line
  • night-light
  • night-blooming cereus
  • nightdress
  • nighted
  • nightfall
  • nightgown
  • nighthawk
  • nightie
  • nightingale
  • nightjar
  • nightlong
  • nightly
  • abloom
  • track record
  • epipremnum
  • cookery book
  • desperado
  • gazebo
  • astronautical
  • athol fugard
  • stirred up
  • priest

  • Idiom of the Day

    in a fool's paradise
    looking happy but in a situation that will not last
    The couple were living in a fool's paradise with their temporary jobs and the high salaries.

    One of my daughter's favourite movies is 'The ________ of Sinbad the Sailor', which tells of the exciting experiences of Sinbad at sea.

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  • Benefits of Elderberry


    Elderberry, or elder, has been used for centuries to treat wounds, when applied to the skin. It is also taken by mouth to treat respiratory illnesses such as cold and flu. In many countries, including Germany, elder flower is used to treat colds and flu. Some evidence suggests that chemicals in elder flower and berries may help reduce swelling in mucous membranes, such as the sinuses, and help relieve nasal congestion. Elder may have antiinflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer properties.

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