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1.someone who rows a boat

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  • oarlock
  • oarfish
  • oar
  • oakum
  • oakley
  • oakleaf goosefoot
  • oakland
  • oaken
  • oak-leaved goosefoot
  • oak tree
  • oarsmanship
  • oarswoman
  • oas
  • oasis
  • oast
  • oast house
  • oat
  • oat cell carcinoma
  • oatcake
  • oaten
  • sound system
  • ailurophobia
  • encyclical
  • wiclif
  • amebiosis
  • intersecting
  • inocor
  • vespula vulgaris
  • triune
  • slant

  • Idiom of the Day

    bite the dust
    to be killed, to break down, to be defeated
    I think that my car will bite the dust soon.

    I'm sorry I interrupted you, please ________ from where I so rudely stopped you.

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  • Movies for Valentines Day

    Pretty Woman

    Director Garry Marshall Cast Richard Gere, Julia Roberts and Jason Alexander A disarming modern day fairy tale, Written by J.F. Lawton, Pretty Woman is a romantic comedy film set in Los Angeles, California. Julia Roberts became a superstar after this movie. Plot Self involved corporate raider Edward Lewis Richard Gere has recently split up with his girlfriend. Seeking directions to the Beverly Hills Hotel, he makes the acquaintance of free spirited hooker Vivian Ward Julia Roberts and decides to put her on a 3,000 dollar as his date for a week. He woos her by funding a full wardrobe and cosmetic makeover for her. Find out more about this romantic comedy.

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