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1.someone who rows a boat

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  • oarlock
  • oarfish
  • oar
  • oakum
  • oakley
  • oakleaf goosefoot
  • oakland
  • oaken
  • oak-leaved goosefoot
  • oak tree
  • oarsmanship
  • oarswoman
  • oas
  • oasis
  • oast
  • oast house
  • oat
  • oat cell carcinoma
  • oatcake
  • oaten
  • genus cephalotaxus
  • alligatorfish
  • mutableness
  • shelter tent
  • mountain sheep
  • cognise
  • verbatim
  • glean
  • arthralgic
  • disastrously

  • Idiom of the Day

    go for it
    to decide to do something in an enthusiastic way, to try for something
    We decided to go for it and try to climb the mountain.


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  • Ideas to Boost Business

    Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property on the net is defined as: software, patents, books, videos, music, photographs, trademarks, fictional characters, copyrights and Web Pages. Protect your web site and the information there. Keep in mind copyrights dont apply to ideas or ways of doing things. Probably the best example of this is clumping cat litter. The guy who invented clumping cat litter just had a good idea that he couldnt protect. Pet supply companies called down to research and development and asked how many formulas they could use to make clumping cat litter. Answer: maybe 10,000 different kinds of ingredients and formulas.

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