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1.nocturnal fruit-eating bird of South America that has fatty young yielding an oil that is used instead of butter

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  • oil-water interface
  • oil-industry analyst
  • oil-hardened steel
  • oil-fired
  • oil-bearing
  • oil well
  • oil tycoon
  • oil tanker
  • oil stain
  • oil slick
  • oilcan
  • oilcloth
  • oiled
  • oiler
  • oilfield
  • oilfish
  • oiliness
  • oilman
  • oilpaper
  • oilrig
  • used up
  • tea garden
  • genus mobula
  • inka
  • moral principle
  • ophthalmoplegia
  • stair-rod
  • family alcedinidae
  • european creeper
  • cabbalah

  • Idiom of the Day

    hard on (someone's) heels
    to be following someone very closely
    The police officer was hard on the heels of the criminal.

    Spring has been very dry; no rain to speak ________

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  • Benefits of Ugli fruits

    Cold Ugli and Lemon Souffl

    A wonderful refreshing cold souffl of Ugli tangelo and lemon. This is a must for citrus lovers and a great desert to serve when entertaining. The nutrients such as calcium, vitamins and proteins can be effectively obtained from ugli by dodging the excess fat and cholesterol content that may create problems in later stages.

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