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1.nocturnal fruit-eating bird of South America that has fatty young yielding an oil that is used instead of butter

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  • oil-water interface
  • oil-industry analyst
  • oil-hardened steel
  • oil-fired
  • oil-bearing
  • oil well
  • oil tycoon
  • oil tanker
  • oil stain
  • oil slick
  • oilcan
  • oilcloth
  • oiled
  • oiler
  • oilfield
  • oilfish
  • oiliness
  • oilman
  • oilpaper
  • oilrig
  • rocket propulsion
  • erect bugle
  • day of remembrance
  • poesy
  • village
  • audiometry
  • selenicereus
  • acheson
  • leigh hunt
  • welfare case

  • Idiom of the Day

    put one`s foot down
    to object strongly to something, to take firm action
    Our boss put his foot down and did not allow any more money to be spent on entertainment.

    I'm really not satisfied with the way you have ________ the situation.

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  • Bhai Dooj Celebration

    Mythological Belief about Bhai Dooj

    According to a mythological belief, Yamuna observed fast for her brother Yamraj longevity and made him have the Annakut food. Today also this festival is called Yam Dwetiya in the city of Mithila. A paste prepared by grinding rice is applied on both the hands of brother. At some places, there is a tradition of applying Sindoor on the hands of brother.After this, 5 betel leaves, betel nut, and coins of silver are placed on the hands of brother. Water is poured on hands and prayer for the longevity of brother is performed. Brothers give gifts and sweets to their sister. Some sorts of change can be seen in tradition of celebrating this festival, in different parts of the nation.

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