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opuntia cholla

1.arborescent cacti having very spiny cylindrical stem segments

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  • Idiom of the Day

    let one's emotions show
    to be emotional (where it is not appropriate)
    The mayor let his emotions show when his plan for the new stadium was defeated by the city council.

    He realised that his wallet had been ________ after he'd left the underground

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  • Homeopathy


    Hydrargyrum sulphas syn. Mercurius sulphuricus
    Mercuric sulfate, turpeth mineral.

    Key Uses:
  • Digestive disorders, sometimes combined with respiratory complaints
  • Respiratory difficulties, such as pain in the chest and rapid breathing

    Origin : Chemically prepared.

    Background : This heavy, odorless, tasteless, lemon yellow powder has no medicinal uses, except in homeopathy.

    Preparation : Mercuric sulfate is mixed with lactose sugar and triturated.

    Remedy Profile : Eating tends to make people for whom Merc. sulph. is best suited feel irritable. They may be chilly, pale, and anxious.
    Key conditions associated with this remedy include digestive complaints and respiratory difficulties. Merc. sulph. is given for breathing that tends to be rapid and short, with burning in the chest, pain in the region of the heart, and weakness that may feel better for sitting up. An irritated stomach, with vomiting, burning in the anus, hot, copious urine, and watery, soft, or violently expelled stools are characteristic of the digestive symptoms treated by Merc. sulph. In some cases, symptoms may be combined: for instance, fluid in the lungs may be accompanied by watery or violent diarrhea and other digestive symptoms.

    Symptoms Better : For sitting up; for profuse diarrhea (in the case of breathing difficulties).

    Symptoms Worse : For lying down; in the morning; at night.

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