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order protura

1.minute wingless arthropods: telsontails

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  • order proteales
  • order procellariiformes
  • order proboscidea
  • order primulales
  • order primates
  • order polypodiales
  • order polymastigina
  • order polygonales
  • order polemoniales
  • order podicipitiformes
  • order pseudomonadales
  • order pseudoscorpiones
  • order pseudoscorpionida
  • order psilophytales
  • order psilotales
  • order psittaciformes
  • order psocoptera
  • order pterosauria
  • order pulmonata
  • order pycnogonida
  • home equity credit
  • daily dew
  • overemphasis
  • bearskin
  • sticking plaster
  • tennis court
  • dried-out
  • halenia
  • hypercalcemia
  • genus hamamelites

  • Idiom of the Day

    have the last laugh
    to make someone seem foolish for laughing at you first
    I had the last laugh when I went home early while everyone else had to work late.

    I read the ________ of that book but I couldn't possibly read the whole story.

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    Over 200 kilometres in length this waterway joins the Canadian cities of Ottawa on the Ottawa River and Kingston on Lake Ontario. Operated by Parks Canada the canal encompasses sections of the rivers Rideau and Cataraqui along with a few lakes. Originally built with military purposes in mind today it is mainly used for boating and was designated as a World Heritage Site in 2007.

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