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order protura

1.minute wingless arthropods: telsontails

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  • order proteales
  • order procellariiformes
  • order proboscidea
  • order primulales
  • order primates
  • order polypodiales
  • order polymastigina
  • order polygonales
  • order polemoniales
  • order podicipitiformes
  • order pseudomonadales
  • order pseudoscorpiones
  • order pseudoscorpionida
  • order psilophytales
  • order psilotales
  • order psittaciformes
  • order psocoptera
  • order pterosauria
  • order pulmonata
  • order pycnogonida
  • orthogonal opposition
  • campanula medium
  • updraft
  • psychrometer
  • air out
  • gamely
  • take out
  • jewish rye
  • gristle
  • genus carpocapsa

  • Idiom of the Day

    big shot
    an important and powerful person
    The man is a big shot in the oil and gas industry.

    Annette never leaves her five-year-old son ________ at home.

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  • Craziest Perfume Bottle

    Feerie by Van Cleef and Arpels

    The top notes of Feerie offer aromas of violet with green notes which are refreshing and exciting. Fresh and gracious greenery is accompanied by a blend of floral notes, Italian mandarin, and a fruity accord of black currant. The heart encompasses Bulgarian rose, with a hint of Egyptian jasmine. The base notes introduce accords of iris from Florence, with elegant woody accords of precious wood and Haiti vetiver.

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