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palace car

1.a passenger car for day travel

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  • pal up
  • pal
  • pakistani rupee
  • pakistani monetary unit
  • pakistani
  • pakistan
  • pakchoi
  • pajamas
  • paiwanic
  • palace of versailles
  • paladin
  • palaeencephalon
  • palaemon
  • palaemon australis
  • palaemonidae
  • palaeoanthropology
  • palaeobiology
  • palaeobotany
  • palaeoclimatology
  • genus aptenodytes
  • agreed
  • dropped
  • atomic number 72
  • epiphysial
  • homegirl
  • bedside
  • stenotus acaulis
  • common eel
  • tipper

  • Idiom of the Day

    to the eye
    as it is seen, apparently
    To the eye, the hotel looked very nice but when we entered it, it was not very good at all.

    ________ on a lounge chair by the pool was the very tan owner of the estate, relaxing in the midday sunshine.

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  • Benefits of Cherry

    How do we select cherries

    Buy cherries that have been kept cool and moist, as flavor and texture both suffer at warmtemperatures. Cherries have a limited growing season and any fresh cherries grown in the UnitedStates sold after August probably came from cold storage. Small quantities of sweet cherries areimported from New Zealand during the winter months, but these may be difficult to find. At themarket, pick a handful of cherries at a time and only select the best fruit.

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