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palace car

1.a passenger car for day travel

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  • pal
  • pakistani rupee
  • pakistani monetary unit
  • pakistani
  • pakistan
  • pakchoi
  • pajamas
  • paiwanic
  • palace of versailles
  • paladin
  • palaeencephalon
  • palaemon
  • palaemon australis
  • palaemonidae
  • palaeoanthropology
  • palaeobiology
  • palaeobotany
  • palaeoclimatology
  • venomous lizard
  • esteemed
  • rhubarb plant
  • great burdock
  • correctional rehabilitation
  • public mover
  • wild ginger
  • family typhaceae
  • placoderm
  • cyclosporeae

  • Idiom of the Day

    touched by (someone or something)
    to be emotionally affected or moved by someone or something
    Everybody in the movie theater was touched by the performance of the dying actress.

    I don't believe in ________ death penalty for any crime

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