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1.periapsis in orbit around Jupiter

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  • perihelion
  • perigonium
  • perigone
  • perigonal
  • perigon
  • perigee
  • peridotite
  • peridot
  • peridium
  • peridinium
  • peril
  • perilla
  • perilla frutescens crispa
  • perilous
  • perilously
  • perilousness
  • perilune
  • perilymph
  • perimeter
  • perinasal
  • medullary
  • organization of american states
  • unassertiveness
  • genus amaranthus
  • genus rhodymenia
  • inferiority complex
  • orange river
  • dedifferentiate
  • neutral
  • yerba mansa

  • Idiom of the Day

    bone up (on something)
    to study or review (something)
    I decided to take a course at night to bone up on my Spanish.

    Have you ________ made a snowman?

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  • Celebrities Who Had Unbelievable Jobs

    Jon Hamm worked as a set dresser for films

    Familiar as the advertising genius Don Draper of Mad Men, Jon Hamm was a set-dresser of adult movies in the late 1990s. The Mad Man star described his job to be soul crushing in his new Vanity Fair profile. He confessed that he worked for Cinemax soft-core-porn movies.On the chat show with Anderson Cooper, the actor revealed that he never enjoyed his responsibility as a set dresser. He explained that his job was not a vital aspect to the soft porn movies success. Hamm added that though it was a learning experience it was a depressing way of making money.

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