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1.constituted by the extinct solitaire

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  • pezizales
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  • peziza domicilina
  • peziza coccinea
  • peziza
  • peyton rous
  • peyote
  • peyer's patch
  • pewter
  • pewit gull
  • pezophaps solitaria
  • pfalz
  • pfannkuchen
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  • jean sibelius
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  • debilitated
  • pair creation
  • sensitive
  • volubility
  • ian douglas smith
  • frying pan
  • telecommunicate
  • united states public health service

  • Idiom of the Day

    get off the hook
    to become free from an obligation
    I got off the hook and did not have to clean the classroom after school.

    They ________ in as soon as they got to the airport

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  • Benefits of Kiwi Fruits

    Kiwi Seeds

    Less than 3 percent of the weight of a kiwi is in its tiny seeds. Like those of other berries, the seeds of the kiwi store nutrients for the plant's cultivation, growth and survival, and as such are nutrientdense. Although you discard the seeds and pits of tree fruits such as apples, oranges, cherries and plums, you can eat the seeds of kiwi. In addition, the oil extracted from kiwi seeds is richer than flaxseed in alphalinolenic acid, an omega3 fatty acid that promotes heart and brain health and helps regulate cholesterol. You can consume kiwi seed oil as a supplement. Because it is rich in vitamin A, this oil is sometimes a component in beauty products for skin and hair.

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