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1.in a piratical manner

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  • piratical
  • pirate ship
  • pirate flag
  • pirate
  • piranha
  • piranga rubra
  • piranga olivacea
  • piranga ludoviciana
  • piranga flava hepatica
  • piranga
  • piriform area
  • piriform lobe
  • pirogi
  • pirogue
  • piroplasm
  • piroshki
  • pirouette
  • piroxicam
  • pirozhki
  • pis aller
  • featherlike
  • saline
  • mah-jongg
  • portuguese
  • molle
  • river pear
  • adulator
  • skywalk
  • persistency
  • gluteus muscle

  • Idiom of the Day

    driving force behind (someone or something)
    the motivating force behind someone or something
    The potato farmers were the driving force behind the efforts to get people to eat more potatoes.

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  • Rules to play Roller Soccer


    An independent timekeeperscorer may be appointed to assist the referee.
    This official shall
    a record goals scored;
    b act as timekeeper and signify half time and full time by an agreed signal;
    c suspend time on the referees instructions for all stoppages and add that time to the end of each half.
    d supervise the use of

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