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pressure unit

1.a unit measuring force per unit area

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  • pressure suit
  • pressure sore
  • pressure sensation
  • pressure point
  • pressure level
  • pressure group
  • pressure gauge
  • pressure gage
  • pressure feed
  • pressure dome
  • pressure-cook
  • pressure-cooker
  • pressure-feed lubricating system
  • pressure-wash
  • pressurise
  • pressurised
  • pressurize
  • pressurized
  • pressurized water reactor
  • prestidigitation
  • penal code
  • norfolk wherry
  • melastoma malabathricum
  • sudafed
  • corn gluten feed
  • giles lytton strachey
  • cotyloid cavity
  • interlacing
  • patrol boat
  • malamute

  • Idiom of the Day

    hell-bent for leather
    behaving recklessly, riding a horse recklessly
    The boys went hell-bent-for-leather down the path to the beach.

    They're ________ to be late- they're never on time.

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    Ryan Gosling

    There is no doubt that Ryan Gosling is a handsome man. Just look at his lean face, gelled hair, slight smile and blue eyes they make you want to look at him again and again dont they? Gosling might have stolen many a womans hearts, but the lady who stole his was Eva Mendes. The duo were said to be dating until a few weeks ago. But since February, 2014, Gosling is reportedly single. However, is the man ready to mingle? Gosling says he is not sure yet. Maybe the guy deserves to take his time after all he came out of a relationship just a while back.

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