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racing boat

1.a boat propelled by oarsmen and designed for racing

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  • racing
  • raciness
  • racine
  • racily
  • racially
  • racialist
  • racialism
  • racial segregation
  • racial profiling
  • racial immunity
  • racing car
  • racing circuit
  • racing gig
  • racing shell
  • racing skate
  • racing skiff
  • racing start
  • racing yacht
  • racism
  • racist
  • department of history
  • db
  • albescent
  • clivers
  • library science
  • wilhelm konrad roentgen
  • mesencephalon
  • sauromalus obesus
  • line of vision
  • musculus trapezius

  • Idiom of the Day

    the lowdown
    the inside facts of a matter, the total truth
    I met with the speaker after the presentation and he gave me the lowdown on the new computer system.

    and was very ________ as to when he would be able to find the right part and get it back to me.

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  • Benefits of Jalapeno

    Pain relief

    Pain relief is another jalapeno health benefit. Studies have shown that capsaicin can work against something called Substance P, which is the carrier of pain and abundant in patients suffering from headaches and arthritis. Capsaicin also has anti inflammatory properties, and this has made it a popular ingredient in research regarding intestinal disease. Studies have hinted that capsaicin might be beneficial in treating bowel problems.

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