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1.the amount of electromagnetic radiation leaving or arriving at a point on a surface
2.the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light
3.an attractive combination of good health and happiness

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  • radian
  • radially symmetrical
  • radially
  • radial-ply tire
  • radial-ply
  • radial velocity
  • radial vein
  • radial tire
  • radial symmetry
  • radial pulse
  • radiancy
  • radiant
  • radiant energy
  • radiant flux
  • radiant heating
  • radiantly
  • radiate
  • radiating
  • radiation
  • radiation diagram
  • silver tree
  • glottochronological
  • genus babesia
  • cherry red
  • halibut-liver oil
  • monoplane
  • adventive
  • flow chart
  • stinkbird
  • chrysolepis sempervirens

  • Idiom of the Day

    not for love nor money
    not for anything
    I will not for love nor money agree to work weekends next month.


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  • Crazy Facts

    Christmas Island Red Crab

    Crazy Animals
    It is estimated over 120 million crabs live on Christmas Island, which is in the middle of the Indian Ocean, near Australia.In December the millions of crabs come out of hiding and they make their way toward the ocean for their annual migration. Not all crabs live near the ocean, which means millions have to travel through the town to get there. They cross roads, lawns, driveways, the jungle, down cliffs, and even cut through houses to get to the water!

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