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1.the amount of electromagnetic radiation leaving or arriving at a point on a surface
2.the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light
3.an attractive combination of good health and happiness

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  • radian
  • radially symmetrical
  • radially
  • radial-ply tire
  • radial-ply
  • radial velocity
  • radial vein
  • radial tire
  • radial symmetry
  • radial pulse
  • radiancy
  • radiant
  • radiant energy
  • radiant flux
  • radiant heating
  • radiantly
  • radiate
  • radiating
  • radiation
  • radiation diagram
  • stick together
  • sequoia national park
  • bombproof
  • malacca
  • swiss cheese
  • centre of buoyancy
  • embouchure
  • ringtail
  • horsefish
  • xcvi

  • Idiom of the Day

    in name only
    not actual, only by name
    The man was an animal doctor in name only and had never once treated a sick or injured animal.

    I wish I could lend you some money, but I'm afraid I've got very ________ left

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    Mostly used during the day. neutral colors, skin tone eye shadows, makeup done to a minimum characterizes this look. The aim is to have natural looking beautiful eyes without drawing attention to them.

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