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radio astronomy

1.the branch of astronomy that detects and studies the radio waves emitted by celestial bodies

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  • radio antenna
  • radio announcer
  • radio aerial
  • radio
  • radiigera fuscogleba
  • radiigera
  • radiculitis
  • radicle
  • radicchio
  • radically
  • radio beacon
  • radio beam
  • radio brightness
  • radio broadcast
  • radio chassis
  • radio compass
  • radio detection and ranging
  • radio emission
  • radio frequency
  • radio interferometer
  • robert f. curl
  • bedframe
  • nonpasserine bird
  • trichostema lanceolatum
  • detecting
  • overvalue
  • anacyclus pyrethrum
  • operations
  • fibrosis
  • astound

  • Idiom of the Day

    mad as a hatter
    My neighbor is as mad as a hatter and we never know what she will do next.

    She's stopped to have a cigarette

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  • Global Dial Code


    Exit Country Code + 504 + The Number

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