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ragtag and bobtail

1.disparaging terms for the common people

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  • ragtag
  • ragsorter's disease
  • ragsorter
  • ragpicker's disease
  • ragpicker
  • ragout
  • ragnarok
  • ragnar frisch
  • ragnar anton kittil frisch
  • raglan sleeve
  • ragtime
  • ragusa
  • ragweed
  • ragweed pollen
  • ragwort
  • rahu
  • raid
  • raider
  • raiding
  • rail
  • calocedrus decurrens
  • tiger moth
  • spill the beans
  • minsk
  • romany
  • araucaria columnaris
  • militant
  • pointy-toed
  • analbuminemia
  • studying

  • Idiom of the Day

    come to a head
    to come to a point where a problem must be solved
    The issue came to a head and everyone was forced to talk about the problem.

    He joined a ________ of singers, dancers and actors.

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  • Benefits of Bitter Gourd

    How to Select and Store

    Always select dark green, fresh, bright color, unripe, soft, firm and small bitter gourds from the market. Avoid buying yellowish, orange, spotted, ripe, large size, lose, bruised skin and wrinkled bitter gourds from the market. It can be stored for 3 5 d

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