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ragtag and bobtail

1.disparaging terms for the common people

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  • ragtag
  • ragsorter's disease
  • ragsorter
  • ragpicker's disease
  • ragpicker
  • ragout
  • ragnarok
  • ragnar frisch
  • ragnar anton kittil frisch
  • raglan sleeve
  • ragtime
  • ragusa
  • ragweed
  • ragweed pollen
  • ragwort
  • rahu
  • raid
  • raider
  • raiding
  • rail
  • baptism
  • paiute
  • messidor
  • index of refraction
  • leaf-miner
  • ohioan
  • ungracefulness
  • trapezoid bone
  • breech delivery
  • depokene

  • Idiom of the Day

    look high and low for (someone or something)
    to look carefully in every possible place for someone or something
    We looked high and low for my grandmother's hearing aide but we could not find it.


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  • Get Stylish Hair

    Curly Worly

    a. Take a few sections of your hair and curl them around a curling rod.
    b. Repeat the process with all the hair on your head.
    c. Once your head is covered with thick, short, dense curls, slip a thin hair band close to your hairline.
    d. If you have natural short and dense curly hair, just slip a thin hair band close to your hairline.

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