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rainbow pink

1.Chinese pink with deeply toothed rose-lilac flowers with a purplish eye

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  • rainbow perch
  • rainbow lorikeet
  • rainbow fish
  • rainbow cactus
  • rainbow
  • rain-wash
  • rain-in-the-face
  • rain-giver
  • rain tree
  • rain stick
  • rainbow runner
  • rainbow seaperch
  • rainbow shower
  • rainbow smelt
  • rainbow trout
  • raincoat
  • raindrop
  • rainer maria rilke
  • rainfall
  • rainfly
  • hydroplane
  • pluvialis
  • progressive
  • odalisque
  • genus afropavo
  • knee breeches
  • afford
  • fast track
  • brazilian potato tree
  • bohme

  • Idiom of the Day

    pitch a tent
    to put up a tent
    We pitched the tent in a field beside a stream.

    Don't wait for me because I can't come yet so you ________ and I'll join you later.

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  • Precaution while using Microscope

    Do not use direct sunlight

    If using a microscope with a mirror, do not use direct sunlight as the light source eye damage may result. If using a microscope with a light, turn off light when not in use. Always clean slides and microscope when finished. Store microscope set on the lowest objective with the nosepiece turned down to its lowest position (using the coarse adjustment knob). If using a lighted microscope, turn off light before pulling out the plug.

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